What are Roundtables?
Roundtables are local groups of compliance professionals who meet periodically to network and further their professional development. The Roundtables offer a unique medium for learning which compliments conferences and online resources. Most Roundtables meet quarterly and many members say this is the best way to stay current.

Four Advantages of Roundtables
1. Intimate. A small group of your peers, whom you will get to know well through periodic meetings, offers enhanced opportunities for learning.

2. Interactive. The difference between conference style seating and meeting style seating may seem subtle, but the atmosphere is very different. Meeting style seating is very conducive to interactive participation by the attendees.

3. Probing. Roundtable meetings allow the members to probe much deeper into subjects than is possible at conference workshops. The Roundtable leader will work with speakers to focus the content and ensure the presentation is interactive. For example: How many conference sessions have you attended on annual reviews? Did any of those sessions deliver what you really want and that is to see a sample report? Due to the intimacy of a Roundtable, members can exchange redacted reports to help each other do a better job.

4. Economical. Some are free and other charge a nominal fee. Roundtables are a very economical and enjoyable way to improve your knowledge and skills.

Existing Roundtables
NSCP does not sponsor Roundtables but NSCP does work with a number of Roundtables throughout the country. They are autonomous and most are open to new members. NSCP does have an active Roundtables Committee that can connect you with an existing Roundtable or help you start your own. If you would like to find out more, contact Kim McNutt at NSCP at 860.672.0843 or via e-mail at kmcnutt@nscp.org.