Compliance Consultants Roundtable

The Compliance Consultants Roundtable’s (CCR) holds quarterly conference calls with more frequent interaction through a roundtable LinkedIn group.  The mission statement for this Roundtable is “To further the knowledge of its members in the areas of regulatory compliance, solutions awareness, and compliance consultant best practices, while also providing an open peer-to-peer forum for industry collaboration and networking.”

The roundtable will be made up of compliance consultant’s (and attorneys affiliated with a consulting firm) from all across the country.


To join the “Compliance Consultants Roundtable” LinkedIn Group, go here and request to be added as a member

For further information regarding the CCR Roundtable quarterly conference calls or to be sent a registration form, please contact Kim McNutt at NSCP.

Phone: (860) 672-0843


Roundtable Member Disclosure:
Roundtables are a great way to further your professional development and get to know some of your peers.  Your satisfaction with the Roundtable is extremely important to us.  However, please note that NSCP neither sponsors the Roundtables nor do we have control over the content and format of the meetings.  Membership in NSCP is also not a requirement to participate in this Roundtable.  Consequently, if for any reason your Roundtable experience does not meet your expectations, it is important that you contact NSCP.  We can direct you to another Roundtable that might better suit your needs, or we might be able to help you form your own Roundtable.  Please submit all comments to Kim McNutt at