Greater Pittsburgh Compliance Roundtable

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Greater Pittsburgh Compliance Roundtable holds quarterly meetings.  The Roundtable welcomes broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge fund/private funds and service providers/vendors. Voting members are restricted to active compliance officers but all meetings are open.  The meetings consist of group discussions, speaker presentations and an annual symposium. 

There is an annual membership fee of $100.  For further information regarding the Roundtable, please visit or you can contact the Roundtable leader, Ulf Skreppen, directly:

Ulf Skreppen
SVP Operations and Chief Compliance Officer
C.S. McKee, L.P.
One Gateway Center, 8th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(main)   412-566-1234
(direct)  412-880-5220
(cell)      412-607-8852


Roundtable Member Disclosure:  Roundtables are a great way to further your professional development and get to know some of your peers.  Your satisfaction with the Roundtable is extremely important to us.  However, please note that NSCP neither sponsors the Roundtables nor do we have control over the content and format of the meetings.  Membership in NSCP is also not a requirement to participate in this Roundtable.  Consequently, if for any reason your Roundtable experience does not meet your expectations, it is important that you contact NSCP.  We can direct you to another Roundtable that might better suit your needs, or we might be able to help you form your own Roundtable.  Please submit all comments to Kim McNutt at