The National Society of Compliance Professionals is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to serving and supporting compliance professionals in our industry but I often wonder if members understand all the benefits of membership.

NSCP is for compliance by compliance - it is our mission to provide professional resources to compliance professionals through our network of 2,000 of your peers. Our offerings include professional education, regulatory interaction and professional standards. Most of the benefits of membership are only possible due to the efforts of our members. Since we are all looking to build best practices it only makes sense that we share our experiences with our fellow members as a part of that effort.

The benefits that NSCP membership provides include:

This publication, NSCP Currents, a monthly journal which brings you in-depth articles regarding compliance topics common to financial services firms. Like most of our offerings, Currents, can provide both learning and sharing experiences. If you have expertise on a topic that other members will appreciate, you can share your knowledge with them. If you are looking for guidance and advice on a particular compliance issue, past Currents articles provide you with another helpful resource. There is an index of articles on NSCP’s website in the Member Center to assist you with searches when you are researching a topic.

The NSCP Compliance Forum is available to all members. Through the use of the online forum members can seek confidential advice from their peers in the organization. I encourage you to visit the forum regularly to see what other members are considering at the moment.

The NSCP Resource Library offers compliance reference materials such as checklists, policies and procedures templates as well as SEC and SRO examination letters. I know that these are the resources that everyone is always seeking. Again, if you have something to share with your peers, contact the staff so we can consider your materials for the library. We are happy to accept materials that are copyrighted and will include your name as the donor of the materials.

Members can also participate on NSCP committees including the Investment Adviser, Broker/Dealer and Private Funds committees. Each month members in these industry groups gather for a telephone discussion about current hot topics.

Of course, NSCP membership also offers discounts on our educational resources including conferences and on-line training such as webinars and Essential Compliance Training modules. NSCP puts on a 2.5+ day National Conference in October and several regional conferences in the Spring. Our members who attend multiple conferences during the year tell us that the sessions at our conferences offer the most practical advice from experienced industry veterans.

Perhaps most importantly, is the idea that membership adds credibility to your career and illustrates your commitment to compliance. Many of our members see membership and active participation in the organization as a resume enhancer.

And speaking of resumes, members can post a job opening or resume to the NSCP Jobline at no cost. Non-members can view postings. Jobline is specific to our industry and a great help to members when they are looking to add seasoned staff to their compliance team.