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Annual dues are $450 USD.

Membership is open only to persons employed in a compliance-related capacity by one of the following: a broker-dealer; an investment adviser; or a closely related business or profession with securities compliance concerns, such as a bank, securities compliance consultant, or legal or accounting firm.

Compliance consulting firms, please note:
You must have a firm name. We cannot leave a firm name blank or use "Consultant for [name of another firm]."
Occasionally, NSCP is unable to verify a consultant's practice beyond a firm name, phone number or an e-mail address. In the absence of verifiable employment or existing consultancy, NSCP asks that independent consultants submit a non-consultant industry reference. This may be:
1. a current, active NSCP member, or
2. a representative of the firm/organization with which you were most recently affiliated.

Recruiting firms and members of the press are not eligible for NSCP membership.

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