Frequently Asked Questions

Who are memberships for?

Membership is for those who are employed in a compliance-related capacity by one of the following: broker-dealer, investment advisor, investment company, municipal advisor, private fund, hedge fund or a closely related business or profession with securities compliance concerns, such as a bank, securities compliance consultant, or legal or accounting firm.

Who is not eligible for membership?

Recruiting firms, regulators, and members of the press are not eligible for NSCP membership.

Can non-members subscribe to NSCP's publications?

No. NSCP publications are distributed only to NSCP members.

Who do I contact to transfer my membership?

If you need to transfer your membership, please send an email to

How can I access archived issues of NSCP publications?

All archived issues of NSCP Currents are available in PDF format to NSCP members only.  These publications are available through the member portal.

How do I get permission to reprint an article from NSCP Currents or conference materials?

How do I contribute an article to "Currents"?

Send a message to Sonya Reeve ( explaining what specific area of securities compliance you would like to cover and attach a sample of articles you’ve previously written. NSCP welcomes contributions! The sample articles you attach will be evaluated by NSCP’s publications committee.

Click here to learn more about contributing to an article.

I would like to make certain, select articles from NSCP publications available to others at my firm who are not NSCP members. May I make these available in my firm's electronic library?

Please contact Sonya Reeve ( at NSCP. We will provide you with a clean copy in Word format for this purpose. We do not permit making entire issues of Currents available to your entire office or department, however.