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NSCP Compliance Scholarship

The NSCP Compliance Education Scholarship is designed to benefit those professionals new to the securities compliance industry, offering educational tools to better enhance their knowledge and skill sets within the compliance industry.

Share your Regulatory Experiences

NSCP facilitates the interchange of compliance information for and provides professional resources to U.S. and Canadian financial services compliance practitioners. One of the ways we accomplish this is through relaying to regulators the struggles our members face in fulfilling their compliance obligations, and in particular, struggles you may face before, during and after an examination (positive, negative or neutral) or in complying with a particular regulation.  Regulators would also like to hear your concerns about proposed or adopted regulations and enforcement actions which pose particular concern for compliance professionals. NSCP would like to know so that we can better serve our members during this interplay. No need to tell us who you are, just what you experienced and/or your concerns and suggestions.


The Advantages of Roundtables

Roundtables offer a unique medium for learning, complimenting conferences and online resources. Local compliance professionals meet periodically in intimate, small groups to network and further their professional development. This allows members to probe into much deeper subjects than what is possible at conference workshops.

NSCP Currents

Members will receive our monthly journal NSCP Currents, the premier publication of the compliance industry, and have access to archived issues. NSCP Currents features in-depth articles written by highly respected professionals, tackling problems common to financial services firms.